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Fig. A:  Bambi, Michael

Fig. A: Bambi, Michael

We live in an age of instant gratification, where pictures are worth 1000 words, but sometimes only three Facebook likes. I don't claim to know what the kids are into, but I know what I like, and since my Guidance Counselor told me I would be a Graphic Designer some day, I had no choice. (Shout to Mr. Dickey). 

If it came to it, I'm sure I could forage for fish and berries behind my apartment, but so far in life, Photoshop has kept me fed. One summer, I was paid to help with parking for a week-long country western festival, supervised by 70 year old fraternal twins that each had their own golf cart. Throughout the week, each time someone parked at an angle, they would each drive by in turn to remind us their mantra, "Every inch you're off loses us a dollar!" I haven't been able to visit a golf course since...

What I'm trying to say is that I really love what I do. Graphic Design can mean many things, but essentially, my job to bring your idea to life. As the lead designer at Print This in San Marcos, Texas, I've been lucky to work directly with my a wide variety of clients in a unique and extremely supportive community. 

Around the same time I started at the print shop, I met some insanely creative people in Austin putting together an underground electronic music series called Exploded Drawing. Luckily, they still needed help with the graphics, which I fell on like a live grenade. With the holy grail of complete creative freedom, I've been able to treat the brand like a visual buffet and the concept of psychedelic narrative, frequently merging hand-drawn and digital collage. Love these guys to death. 

In full disclosure, I should also mention I'm in an improv comedy troupe called Harshmellow, and at some point we will have a website, I promise. Discovering improv a few years ago felt like a a creative renaissance, and is a great balance to the primarily sedentary lifestyle of a designer. Sorry, I'm not getting a stand-up desk unless I'm delivering a sermon.

Now you can impress your colleagues with this knowledge of my past. If you have an idea you'd like to collaborate on, or just want to say hello, then click this bold text!